Monday, June 23, 2014


  • So I went last Saturday the 21st and I was sore on Sunday…I still am, so that's why this is late. XD Hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting Back into Reading

If you haven't realized I've been in a blogging slump for a while. (sorry! U ^ U') And the reason being is that I haven't been reading a lot either.

And I have finally realized that hey!--I will read whatever I want! I've been swept up in all this stress of people at school not reading the same books as me and I fallen out of reading--hence going into the slump. And it's sad really, how my body, if I have no one to share this excitement…I begin to fall out of it.

I know this sounds cliche and all, but I am seriously having a rethinking of life right now. It's just so enlightening to finally sort through my book habits--and what made me fall in love with books in the first place.

So now!:
  • I'll avoid feeling disappointed that the new release books
    • sound very uninteresting
    • and unoriginal
      • I'm not saying that all of them are!
    • mediocre is a no-no
  • I shall read whatever I want
    • I will not care that people don't read the same books that I do
      • everybody reads whatever they want
  • I will constantly not be swept up in hype
    • that means sticking to the fact that I don't read hyped up books
      • unless I feel like it
  • I will blog whenever and whatever I feel like it
    • and if I don't feeling like commenting back on other people's blogs?
      • I won't force myself to
  • I won't feel distressed when people don't comment on my blog
    • they'll comment when they want to
      •  I won't force you to

I know I am being selfish but know that I still love you guys and thank you for sticking with me. Especially all my close blogging friends who leave the loveliest comments, I am so glad for knowing you guys. (you probably know who you are…you are on the side of my blog!<333)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Plans~

This is a super late post because we actually came out of school on the last week of May…but I've been working on summer homework so blaaaaahh whatevs.

What the Wallflower is doing this summer:

  • Summer homework TT ^ TT
    • I finished AP Euro stuff 
    • but now I just need to finish English stuff 
  • Watching anime
    • cause you know, reasons are listed in the July section of this post
  • Get back into reading….
    • YA books have been feeling very mediocre to me
      • at least the newer release of YA
    • probably read more after the expo
  • Blogging is whenever 
    • I've just been ehhh 
    • I'm trying ya'll! ;O;
  • Writing some (late at night when everyone's sleeping…)