Sunday, August 17, 2014

Heeey I know I haven't blogged nor have a read a book in a while. And this little message is to say a big fat sorry message. :/ I know most people won't see this but I just have to tell you guys this.

I didn't really blog in the summer break and now school has started and it's much busier than last year. I'm taking AP, Honors Pre-Calc, Honor Eng 2, Psych, Honors Chem, French 2 and trying to juggle Band as well.

So I really got no time to read or blog and I'm sorry but I will not stress myself nor do I have the motivation to do so. Ever since I stopped reading half-way through freshman year I have just not been able to pick up a book except for my summer english assignment.

I really would love to stay in touch with you guys so if you shoot a message on my goodreads profile I will eventually see it when I go on the computer on weekends… hopefully. I also am on my Tumblr very frequently here and there at night (when I should be sleeping…).

But seriously you guys are all amazing I don't know when I'll be back to posting on here here and talking and commenting on your wonderful lovely blogs. I don't know if I'll even blog again, to be honest. I have been thinking about stop blogging on here but I keep hesitating.  I have continuously lost motivation constantly and I stopped commenting back sometimes which makes me feel so guilty. In all honesty right now, everything for the blog is just like at an ehhh right now and more of a halt for school.

Well this was originally supposed to be short! XD But hopefully I come back? I don't know. This is not goodbye ya'll cause that makes me feel so saaddd. ;O; So you know what, here's mermaid Haru cause he's a mermaid and mermaids..mermen are beautiful just like you all are.



  1. Awwww BUT HARU

    Hey it's totally fine to have a huge blogging break. Obviously your life is a priority now especially with school and stuff coming up. BUT I'LL STILL FOLLOW YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME! Hahaha

  2. Sometimes we alll need a break! Hope school goes well!

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  4. NO DELANEY DON'T GO. But I'll understand if you do. You seem so busy with school, wow! Sucks that you can't find time to read for fun though... We must keep in touch!

    -Grace :)

  5. Delaney don't go! I went through that and took a huge break but then came back this month. Just rest, do what you need and you'll see that the motivation will come back.
    If it doesn't, well, you enjoyed it while it lasted and can count on us, even if it's only on goodreads :p

  6. Oh Delaney! I'll really miss you being around the blog and will be thinking of you, but I will also be on goodreads and hopefully we can keep chatting there! I think it's good that you're taking a break, though, even though I'll miss you- breaks from things we love but are starting to gradually love less (for a number of reasons or none at all) are important, and maybe you'll come back revived and ready to go, or maybe you'll decide to move away from this, but I think you're doing the right thing for you and THAT is the most important thing. xxxx

  7. OH NOOOOOOOO!!! So bummed to read this.

  8. Wow! Delaney you are juggling so much. I hope to see you around GR. Love ya, girly! Keep on being awesome.XD

  9. Aww this post makes me so sad. Although mermaid Haru is lovely (HARU! I'm MAKOTO's girl but yeah mermaid Haru tends to complicate things), it still doesn't soothe my heart of you leaving blogosphere for awhile. x( I hope you'll be back soon, Delaney! I had a phase when I don't want to read a single book as well. I guess the trick is just... to wait for the time when you want to read again/to have a book you SOMEHOW want to read.

    We'll always be here when you decide to come back, Delaney! <3 :)


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