Sunday, August 17, 2014

Heeey I know I haven't blogged nor have a read a book in a while. And this little message is to say a big fat sorry message. :/ I know most people won't see this but I just have to tell you guys this.

I didn't really blog in the summer break and now school has started and it's much busier than last year. I'm taking AP, Honors Pre-Calc, Honor Eng 2, Psych, Honors Chem, French 2 and trying to juggle Band as well.

So I really got no time to read or blog and I'm sorry but I will not stress myself nor do I have the motivation to do so. Ever since I stopped reading half-way through freshman year I have just not been able to pick up a book except for my summer english assignment.

I really would love to stay in touch with you guys so if you shoot a message on my goodreads profile I will eventually see it when I go on the computer on weekends… hopefully. I also am on my Tumblr very frequently here and there at night (when I should be sleeping…).

But seriously you guys are all amazing I don't know when I'll be back to posting on here here and talking and commenting on your wonderful lovely blogs. I don't know if I'll even blog again, to be honest. I have been thinking about stop blogging on here but I keep hesitating.  I have continuously lost motivation constantly and I stopped commenting back sometimes which makes me feel so guilty. In all honesty right now, everything for the blog is just like at an ehhh right now and more of a halt for school.

Well this was originally supposed to be short! XD But hopefully I come back? I don't know. This is not goodbye ya'll cause that makes me feel so saaddd. ;O; So you know what, here's mermaid Haru cause he's a mermaid and mermaids..mermen are beautiful just like you all are.