Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Plans~

This is a super late post because we actually came out of school on the last week of May…but I've been working on summer homework so blaaaaahh whatevs.

What the Wallflower is doing this summer:

  • Summer homework TT ^ TT
    • I finished AP Euro stuff 
    • but now I just need to finish English stuff 
  • Watching anime
    • cause you know, reasons are listed in the July section of this post
  • Get back into reading….
    • YA books have been feeling very mediocre to me
      • at least the newer release of YA
    • probably read more after the expo
  • Blogging is whenever 
    • I've just been ehhh 
    • I'm trying ya'll! ;O;
  • Writing some (late at night when everyone's sleeping…)
  • June 21~ Color Run - 5k marathon (about 3 miles?)
    • I'm doing this with my good friend Josh he's got a blog HEREEEE CLICCK and big sister so I'll probably write a post about that ^^
  • Optometrist….
    • boo!
      • but I am in need of glasses! 
        • (at least in class here and there but that's it)
      • Probably going to get those biiigg nerdy glasses 
Happy Summer!
Hopefully you haven't forgotten me?


  1. Oh wow, an anime expo and a colour run! Both sound like so much fun and I would definitely go if I lived in the same city as you, or even if they had them over here where I do live! I hope hey're a lot of fun- please write a post on each, Delaney, so it can be like I went too!

    It sounds like you've got a lot going on- I hope you don't get overwhelmed and make sure you do things you enjoy doing! Even though I truly miss seeing you around the blog, the fact you do blogging when it suits you and aren't just doing it even when it's rushed, I think that's a good thing- be sure to stay in touch, though, okay? xx

    1. I will definitely be writing a post on them! I'll keep in mind to take lots of picture.

      ;O; Thank you so much Romi *hugs*. I missed you so much! I miss going on your blog as well but blogging has been so ehh to me but I am getting back to it very gradually. I am literally losing interest in going on other people's blogs and have thought of shutting down this blog but I think I'll definitely be blogging more. If not more just random things instead of reviews and book related.

      Thank you so much for the comment! You have no idea how much it means to me.<33333

    2. Remember that if you ever just want to talk, but not via comments or whatever, want to talk about books or life or writing or what-have-you, just email me and that would be really nice.

      Your friendship has been super important and special for me, Delaney, and I want you to know that I really appreciate YOUR comments and all, too. xx

    3. Yay!--I shall keep that in mind when I feel like talking with you...I just don't know what I would talk with with you thooouugghh...>___<


    I went to one last week and as you can see I ended up spending over 200K on key chains haha. But the Kurobasu key chains I got were SUPER ADORABLE. So I regret nothing haha. I also got Tsukki's keychain :D I hope you'll enjoy your time at Anime Expo and a little advice from me is save up some money for that expo because you might think you have decent self-control but once you see all those anime merchandises........ (That was what happened to me ^^;)

    1. Oh yes i know right! It's my first time but my friend who went last year strictly told me to save up. XD And gosh once I see those merchandise it's going to be the end for me and my wallet. -__-'

      You should do a post of your time at the anime convention, Kezia! I wanna see the stuffss you bought! >__<

  3. HOLA!! I've been wanting to do the Color Run for a while now. But just don't have anyone to do it with.

    1. Aww go and drag your best friend to do it with ya! ^^


    And yay I'm glad you posted and NO I did not forget about you (though this comment is slightly late) AND HAVE FUN ON YOUR COLOR RUN! I did one two years ago and it was awesome, but there was snow.

    Whatcha watching this summer? The new Sailor Moon? Free Season 2 (lol Eternal Summer)? ANYTHING ELSE?????

    1. I will be attending the LA one in California!>___< Eeps!--so excited!

      Aww yay I'm glad you didn't forget ;P but yaaaa doing the Color Run with bestie is going to be awesome.

      Oo this summer I got like a giant list for that! XD


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