Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting Back into Reading

If you haven't realized I've been in a blogging slump for a while. (sorry! U ^ U') And the reason being is that I haven't been reading a lot either.

And I have finally realized that hey!--I will read whatever I want! I've been swept up in all this stress of people at school not reading the same books as me and I fallen out of reading--hence going into the slump. And it's sad really, how my body, if I have no one to share this excitement…I begin to fall out of it.

I know this sounds cliche and all, but I am seriously having a rethinking of life right now. It's just so enlightening to finally sort through my book habits--and what made me fall in love with books in the first place.

So now!:
  • I'll avoid feeling disappointed that the new release books
    • sound very uninteresting
    • and unoriginal
      • I'm not saying that all of them are!
    • mediocre is a no-no
  • I shall read whatever I want
    • I will not care that people don't read the same books that I do
      • everybody reads whatever they want
  • I will constantly not be swept up in hype
    • that means sticking to the fact that I don't read hyped up books
      • unless I feel like it
  • I will blog whenever and whatever I feel like it
    • and if I don't feeling like commenting back on other people's blogs?
      • I won't force myself to
  • I won't feel distressed when people don't comment on my blog
    • they'll comment when they want to
      •  I won't force you to

I know I am being selfish but know that I still love you guys and thank you for sticking with me. Especially all my close blogging friends who leave the loveliest comments, I am so glad for knowing you guys. (you probably know who you are…you are on the side of my blog!<333)


  1. I always say read what you want... because like you said, if you do what others want it won't be fun anymore. Don't worry about if people comment.... who cares.. if your personalities match they will find you!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela! I took break of blogging because I didn't have time and any motivation to--it began to be a lot of hard work and pressure.

      So I'm seeing blogging in a new light lately and it's amazing.♡

  2. I LOVE your list/goals, Delaney! <3

    "I shall read whatever I want
    I will not care that people don't read the same books that I do" THIS. I read books no one else seems to (or at least not people/bloggers I know) but I DON'T CARE. I'll continue reading WHAT I WANT TO READ. (Books that make ME HAPPY :)

    Sayonara, hype! Haha.

    "I will blog whenever and whatever I feel like it" *nods* Like this week was soooo HOT, the idea of sitting down and blogging/commenting sounded like a very... sweaty idea. Lol. So, I didn't.

    Great post! Happy reading~ (and anime watching!! Because the Summer season looks very promising, imo)


    1. Aww thank you so much, Cayce! *glomp* I love the books you read or anticipate to read! Reading should be fun and you should always choose what you want to read, then you find the joy in discovering books.

      Oh yes if you feel like blogging go right ahead. Too lazy or tired, no problemo.

      Oh Free is getting a season 2 I'm probably the only excited for that, and other snuffs are coming out so yipee!

  3. Glad you're back, Delaney! Read what makes you happy.:D I've decided if a book makes me dread reading then I'm going to quit reading it and not worry about getting through it. Blog the way that makes you happy. Blogging is fun and if it starts to feel like a chore then that's no fun.

    1. Yes I am back! ^0^

      You are definitely right. If reading and blogging becomes a chore then Iam just not doing it right am I? ;D

      Thanks so much for your comment Sarah, you're the best!♡

  4. Fantastic for you, Delaney! I'm really happy to read this post and am proud of you, because it's important and difficult, working out how to do things, and I think you're well onto accomplishing these things you want. You may slip up, though, but just remember that you have the choice and, even if it's not easy, you can change things. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Romi! *hugs* I am glad you understand because it does mean a lot to me to figure out this deal. ^O^

  5. Delaney! I LOVE YOU SO DON’T WORRY. <3 Ah well, I hope my declaration of love cheered you up at least a little hehe. Don’t worry about not reading what everyone else read! I used to try to read the hype books as well – new-release books and books that everyone but me look forward to – but yeah, most of the time I can’t even finish it haha. Let’s just read what we all want to read because we do this for fun anyway. <3

    Please do not distress about comments! WE ALL LOVE YOU AND PLEASE REMEMBER THAT. Sometimes real life can be very hectic and I personally can’t even check my own blog. ;A; Don’t worry hun, and just remember you started this blog for fun! Just post anything you want and we’ll love to read it, even your grocery list hehe. :)

    Happy summer! <3


      It is I am so glad i read your comment it cheered me up so much because yes!--I will read what I want because loving something shouldn't come into a chore, then it's not fun anymore D: .

      HAPPY SUMMER!!! Love ya, doll!<333


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